20 marathons 20 days 20 counties

Jimmy Vika, National Director Right To Play Norway, is planning a long journey. On the 28th August, he will run 20 marathons in 20 days, one in each of the 19 counties in Norway plus Svalbard (the artic island in the high north). The goal of the project is to raise 125.000 US Dollar to Right To Play’s education projects in the Middle East, specifically focusing on girls’ right to quality education.


Jimmy’s idea of running one marathon in each county is something that came up several years ago. Through numerous running trips the dream has slowly developed and have now been realised into a nationwide fundraising project. It’s important for Jimmy to use this opportunity to create awareness about Right To Play, and how we work to enhance quality education through play-based learning in some of the most disadvantage areas in the world. Jimmy has visited Right To Play’s projects in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine, and seen for himself the positive impact Right To Play’s play-based learning methodology has on children and youth, especially girls.


The project has finally become a reality in collaboration with some key partners who have been of great support in the preparation stage, and will continue supporting throughout the 844 kilometre long journey.


There will be local events in each county throughout the project from 28th August to 16th September. These are events that the local population can take part in, weather it’s a school, local business or individual people with a passion for running. Here there will also be opportunities to participate in activities, run with Jimmy and donate to Right To Play.

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